Discover what Canopi can do for your business.

  • Streamline your supply chain financing at various stages, from procurement to distribution.
  • Reduce the cost of capital by working with Tier-1 Banks & NBFCs.
  • Customize financing as per your use case and business process.
  • Straight Through processing via ERP integration & APIs.
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Lending Partners

1000+ Cr

Loan Disbursement / Month


Unleash your business potential

Multiple Lenders

Discover multiple lenders in the marketplace and negotiate better rates. Ensure maximum coverage of your seller and dealer network in a model comprising multiple lending partners.

Custom Finance

Tailor your financing programs to suit the requirements of your business. Setup cash discounting plans for your distributors, give early payment offers for your suppliers, all using an integrated dashboard.

Tech Platform

Onboard and transact digitally at your own convenience with a completely online system. Exchange business information seamlessly with your vendors and dealers on the digital portal.


Canopi Products

Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance

Streamline and extend credit to your dealers and suppliers through Supply Chain Finance Products.

Product: Vendor | Dynamic discounting | PO finance | Channel Finance | Merchant Pay Later

Working Capital

Expand your business and bridge the working capital gap with our Marketplace Products!

Product: Medical equipment finance | Instant OD

Trade Finance
Trade Finance

Streamline international trade with efficient trade finance solutions: upfront payments and insurance coverage for shipments. Mitigate payment risks, optimize cash flow, and safeguard your business in imports and exports.

Product: Export factoring

Trade Finance
Banking As a Service

Canopi offers a marketplace for a wide range of early payment solutions to help your Dealers, Distributors, and Vendors by offering financing solutions from Multiple Lenders at the best interest rates in the market.

Product: Digital Onboarding | Loan Origination System | Credit Underwriting

Trade Finance
API Services

The fastest way for Lenders to verify and onboard their customers.

Product: Address Proof And Identity Verification | Income Verification | Data Master | Others


All - in - one integrated finance tech platform - seamless, innovative and customisable

Channel Finance

Connect your dealers and distributors with lenders through our Channel Finance platform, providing easy access to unsecured financial limits for purchases. Increase your sales and empower your channel partners.

Vendor Finance

Our Vendor Finance platform facilitates early payments to vendors and connects them with institutional lenders . This benefits both businesses and vendors by optimizing working capital, improving cash flow, and strengthening supply chain relationships.

Receivable Finance

Our receivable finance platform empowers businesses to access capital by leveraging their outstanding invoices, leading to improved cash flow through accelerated payments beyond standard terms.

Payable Finance

Payable finance platform helps to Optimize your cash flow and strengthen supplier relationships. Extend payment terms, negotiate better rates, and secure the necessary capital to pay suppliers early.

Dynamic Discounting

Streamline your cash flow, enhance your working capital and expand your business with Dynamic Discounting which enables On-Tap funding for your clients.

Factoring Platform

Streamline and automate factoring transactions, Notice of Assignment generation, and E-signing for both factoring and reverse factoring.

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