How It Works

We are on a mission to help small businesses get loans on their invoice.

The problem

If you are a wholesale distributor selling to large retail chains or a seller to a large and established buyer, you will normally wait for 30, 60 or 90 days for your customer to make a payment.

In the meantime, your working capital comes from OD (Over-draft) facility from banks, or Loan Against Property (LAP) or worse, from informal moneylenders charging very high interest fees. And even if you have credit facility from banks, these limits are backed by collaterals. If you are looking to expand your business, you would need to provide more collateral.

In short, to grow your business you need more collateral. And for more collateral, you need to grow your business more!

The solution

We are trying to break the cycle of cash flow crunch for small business by making your accounts receivables the center piece of our underwriting process.

Which basically means that if you are a seller to a large & established buyer, your outstanding sales invoice can be converted into cash. Instantly and securely. You can use this fund for your business; to pay your employees, buy goods & materials and more. And when your customer has paid you on the invoice due date, you can repay back.

So Register with us, provide a few documents and start uploading your invoice to get loans. It's as simple as that!


You can register with Canopi by providing your email address and contact number at Registration is completely free with no obligations. You will receive a password at your registered email address.

Your proof of identity (Aadhar Card/Drivers License/Voters Id/Passport), PAN card details, IT Returns for the last 3 years, Audited Balance Sheet for the last 3 years, VAT Registration Certificate and Bank Statement for the current financial year.

The invoice submission is completely online. You need to provide your accounting software details and we will connect to it and sync the invoices directly onto our site. Once the invoices are synced, you can pick and choose the ones you would like to be financed.

The interest rate will be between 14-18% depending on your business. We also charge a transaction fee of upto 2% of the invoice amount.

You can apply any amount between INR 50,000 to 10 lakhs.

When you submit your invoice, the due date and the schedule or charges are mentioned in the loan document. On the due date, you need to repay back either electronically or via a post dated cheque.